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Again; right now my tagline says ‘this is a blog about transgenderism and video games’. Probably likely to change. I should go ahead and talk about one and help define this thing a little bit. Might as well start with the most interesting and unique topic of the two!

Which is obviously video games.

When I’m not busy being an amateur novelist who spends too much time thinking and not enough writing, I like to be an amateur game designer who spends too much time thinking and not enough developing. In order to continue my streak of being as unproductive as possible, I’ve decided to write, but mostly about game design. Thus, I can get absolutely nowhere in both potential careers at the same time.

A lot of my ideas are, naturally, too ambitious to do in my spare time. Okay, no, that’s not fair – I could do one, if I could actually commit to a project. In fact, I have done two full games (and on that note, one novel), both of which were done for school. One received a 90, though I personally think it sucked. A lot. The other, which I’m much happier about, received a spanking mark of 100. Those would be percentages. Though, these assignments were ‘do whatever you want’, two-week assignments, which most of the time comes down to doing an essay or a short story, so fully-functioning video games probably surprised the teachers so much they had no idea how to mark it. Still, though, I’ve gotten myself into thinking I know a little something about game design.

So I’m going to be tossing out a few ideas for games, possibly serialized, so I can talk about unique features I’m most interested in. I’m also inevitably going to dust off my beret and talk about ‘games as art’ while drowning in a pool of my own pretension. It’s a popular topic these days, I know, so I’ll try to shut up about it unless I actually have a point to make.

I feel dumb saying all this without giving any actual examples. Like a politician making promises. They should have a special term for that. Politicipromises. Promiliticians. Speaking of; no politics. Even with the whole ‘transgender’ thing taken into account, I’m going to avoid politics like it’s Pandora’s Box. Mostly because it is. I mean, I loved following the 2008 US Presidental Elections as much as the next person, really I did. But now political talk (politalk!) is only really good for calling down a shitstorm, which I don’t actually enjoy all that much. Not to mention, ‘transgenderism and video games’ probably narrows down my potential audience enough that I think it’s best I stay away from anything that can narrow it down further. If I ever feel the need to piss off every prospective reader, maybe I’ll do a long rant about health care and abortion and gay rights all at the same time. One big cocktail of polarizing opinions. However, I like the idea that people might actually read this thing, so no. No cocktails.

Okay, I think that about does it for my first real blog post ever! Hopefully I didn’t come off as an irritating, self-righteous little bitch. I look forward to rambling about video games and art and all that in the near future. Also the whole ‘girl-but-not-really’ thing. But that’s not interesting.


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