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Right now, at the time of this writing, the tagline up there reads ‘a blog about transgenderism and video games’. I could post a long thing about what this blog is and why I’m doing it, but that about sums it up, really. So I guess there’s not much to do but introduce myself. My name is Lily, and this is my blog. Geddit? The Lilypad!

I’m so sorry.

I know these two topics don’t exactly make for a very broad audience, but if someone out there does happen to be reading this, then… hey, here’s hoping I can find some way of entertaining you. If you’re interested in gender identity, or video games, or heaven forbid both, this may well be something you want to keep in your Bookmarks tab for the next little while. Or, you know, I could just forget it exists. Which is probably likely.

I’ll post something for each topic, I’m guessing, in a short while. Just so I can define this thing a little bit more.


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