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Category Archives: Game Design

One game idea I’m hot about is this little city-building/top-down shooting/role-playing God game named Ascension. CBTDSRPGG for short. It takes root in a little Universe I’ve created for my novels, with Gods that have ascended from mortality. Hey, look at me, I sound like a real novelist! Anyway, this would be a game where you play as one of those ordinary people who’s becoming a God. There’s nothing special about the people that ascend, most of the time.

I miss God games. They used to be the big ‘thing’ in PC gaming, up until shooters came along and took a creamy dump on the whole industry. Okay, my definition of ‘God game’ might be a bit loose. What I mean is, RTS and tycoons were everywhere, back in the good old days of PC gaming. It got a little dry sometimes, because maybe of them were basically the same game. It’s the same problem with the onslaught of shooters. Here, at least, each one could put you in a different role and indulge a different fantasy. You had Tropico, SimCity, Zoo Tycoon, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Civilization… Same genre, with wildly different feels. But now those games have fallen out of favor, since they don’t work terribly well on consoles, and PC gaming is throwing up in its own mouth.

Oh, right, I’m trying not to piss people off. Sorry about that. PC gaming forever!

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